Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Erm, baru sat ni Cik Hati ade buat quiz kat FB. Title quiz tu, "If you're single, take this quiz". Menarik kan.. Disebabkan Cik Hati single, Cik Hati try la. Saje2 nak tgk ape result dia. Cik Hati tahu, quiz kat dalam FB tu mengarut je and kadang2 ntah pape je result dia. Anyway, bile dapat je result dia quiz tu, Cik Hati mcm terkesima kejap. Dalam hati ni ckp "Eh, mcm betul je." Mari kita lihat ape result tu kata:

, your Soul Mate is single, available right now and you have their phone number saved on your cell phone. You most likely talk to this person all the time. The problem is, you are too busy looking for that right person in all the wrong places. You have been dumped and disappointed countless times within the past few years, all because the people you've been chasing are too busy looking for their Mr or Mrs Right the same way you are. That is why you fail at love almost every time. But, you have 1 perfect partner in your life right now that you consider your 'back-up plan.' You don't want to attempt to date your 'Back-Up Plan' because if it doesn't work out then you are left starting from scratch. Its time to put that person center stage 'NOW' because it is quite possible that they are moving on and about to drop you totally. Who is that person you talk to regularly that may live out of town or isn't quite the 'winner' you're looking for, who always is honest, makes you feel good whenever you speak to them, has gone out of their way to accommodate you and would do anything for you if you asked? It's time to give them a call because you won't be able to much longer."

Mcm betul kan? Bukan mcm, tapi mmg betul. Mungkin Cik Hati x sedar, org yg Cik Hati cari2 tu sebenarnye dah ade depan mata. Cuma Cik Hati je x nampak @ x sedar kehadiran dia. Hurm.. there's something that bother my mind. "Ntah2 DIA x?" o0o0pssss...


Shyllazahar said...

hehe..siapa lah si gerangan yg bertuah tu ye? if he is the one for u, go for it gurl! chaiyok!! :D

alien said...

fb dah disable account aku

Anonymous said...

yu...ai pun solo lagi..hiks...ntah2 ai ni ur soulmate kot...:-p..kehkehkeh

shela said...

haha..sape 2 babe??
nath2 dia???means u da rs cam die ke??sape2..nk tau ni..jom gosip..hoho~